Allergens table
Traditional wings

Plain Wings

Just chicken wings, nothing else :)Chicken and salt

Salt & Pepper Wings

Chicken wings seasoned with a mix of the best black peppers and saltChicken, salt and pepper

Paprika Wings

Chicken wings with smoked paprika and thyme Chicken, herbs and salt

Mexican Wings (Spicy)

Chicken wings with mexican chili mixChicken, multiple mexican chilis, salt and pepper

Lemon & Pepper Wings

Chicken wings dipped in lemon and pepper saucePollo, sal, pimienta y limón
Special wings

Royal Wings

Chicken wings with a bittersweet sauce and sesame seedsChicken, soy, sesame, onions and ginger

Yakiniku Wings

Chicken wings with yakiniku sauce and fresh chiliChicken, soy, sesame, onions, brown sauce and ginger

Bali Wings

Chicken wings with peanuts, coconut and lime sauceChicken, peanut butter, coconut milk, ginger, pepper, coriander, lime and garlic

BBQ Chipotle Wings

Chicken wings with homemade BBQ sauceChicken, chipotle and tomato

Ma La Wings (Spicy)

Chicken wings with Sichuan pepperChicken and Sichuan pepper

Sichuan Pepper Wings (Spicy)

Chicken wings dipped in Sichuan pepper sauceChicken and Sichuan pepper

Herbed Potatoes

Roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic oilChicken, garlic, rosemary and salt

Mustard Potatoes

Roasted potatoes with mustard and dill saucePotato, mustard, dill, mustard seeds

Bomba Barceloneta

Potato "Bomba" filled with pork bolognaise (Barceloneta style) Potato, onion, pork meat, tomato, pepper


Edamame beans with saltEdamame beans and salt

Spiced Edamame

Edamame beans with our special seasoningsEdamame beans , coriander, cumin, tamarindo

Pão de Queijo

Typical Brazilian bread made with Parmesano cheese Parmisan cheese, egg, milk, butter, flour, salt

Pão de Queijo w. Sobrasada

Typical Brazilian bread stuffed with Sobrasada from MenorcaParmisan cheese, egg, milk, butter, flour, salt, sobrasada

Chocolate Coulant

Hot chocolate cake with liquid insideEggs, chocolates, sugar, milk

Whisky Coulant

Hot chocolate and whisky cake with liquid insideEggs, chocolates, sugar, milk, whisky sauce

Pear crumble

Almond crumble base with pearAlmonds, butter, flour, pear, cinnamon, sugar

Peach crumble

Almond crumble base with peachAlmonds, butter, flour, peach, cinnamon, sugar